How to block Ads in Mini Militia | For ios and android


Mini Militia has a free version as well as paid version .But both free and paid version Shows advertisement . It is too much bothersome for users . While you are in lobby , it shows banner advertisement on top or pop-up . For this , sometimes you cannot read previous chat easily . Sometimes you may click on those ads by mistake . So it will redirect to the browser or a pop-up . For that , you may need to re-start the game from home . It’s too much annoying . Sometimes , it shows video ad . you must watch those video ad for some seconds . It wastes your valuable time and makes you disturbing . To solve this problem I will show you today , how to block ads in Mini-Militia .

Benefits of ad blocking –

  • Get rid of bothering ads .
  • Decrease game lagging .
  • Better user experience  .
  • Less time wasting .

Block Ads in Android

There are many ways to block ads in android games and apps . Today I will show you my recommended methods to block disturbing ads in a rooted and un-rooted device .

For Rooted Device

It’s very Easy to do this method on a rooted device . Here is a step by step guide below –

  1. Download and Instal xposedinstaller.apk . For Android version below 5.0 , Download from here . For android Lolipop or up , Download from here .
  2. Open it after installing . Then go to downloads . Now, wait till it loads .
  3. After loading search for minminguard .


    I have already installed it .so its showing installed
  4. Then open it and go to versions at the top menu . Now download the latest version . The first one is the latest version .
    Download the first one



  5. Go to home page of Xposed-install > modules  and tick on minminguard .
  6. Now return to home , go to framework , click install/update .
  7. After done restart , Minminguard is successfully installed .
  8. Now open minminguard . Then go to Blacklist and turn on for mini militia
    Block ad
    Mini Militia ad blocked

    Now you have successfully blocked ads for mini-militia . You can block ads in other apps & games like launcher,themes etc

For non-rooted device

The above method is for only rooted device . If your device is not rooted , use this method :-

  1. Download and install Adblocker.apk from here .
  2. Then Open Adblocker .adblocker-home
  3. Go to Configure . Wifi users set proxy like the steps in the picture below :-
    block ads
    Wi-fi users use this steps for proxy configuration . Then it will block all ads


  4. Cellular data users , go to settings>mobile networks > Access points >Tap on your current apn.
  5. set proxy to “localhost” (without quote ) and port to 2020 .

Now , you will see that all ads of mini-militia are blocked . Now you have got rid of annoying ads .

Block ads in Ios Device :-

Ios device users got more problem for ads than android users . It shows banner ad top and also some time wasting video ads . To block ads in ios device follow the methods below :-

  1. In safari , Go to     .
  2. Then Go down below and install Weblock . Install will be written in Arabic language .
  3. After installing , open weblock and go to setup .
  4. There will be a link . copy that link .
  5. Go to wifi settings , and your wifi name setting . Went down below and paste that link in auto .
  6. Now restart wifi . You’re done .

For quick guide watch the video :-

This method don’t work for <ios 9 . For ios <9 , You device must be jailbroken . follow the method below :-

Block ads in Jailbroken device

  1. Open cydia . Then go to sources and add
  2. Now search and install Minimal host blocker . 
  3. After installing , you are done . Now check , there are no more ads in mini-militia .


Hope the above methods work for you . If you face any problem , comment below .







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